A BATHING APE champion Colleage Logo Printed Zip Hoodie

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Brand "A BATHING APE" which NIGO launched in 1993. The brand's trademark is a graphic that incorporates a monkey face into a camouflage pattern. and a character called milo that makes the monkey look animated. It is a representative existence of the brand group called back Harajuku system.

Product Name: champion champion Colleage logo printed zip Hoodie

Color: Black

Size: XL

Size Details Length: 64 cm. Width: 59 cm. Sleeve Length: 65 cm. Shoulder Width: 50.5 cm

Material: 100% cotton

Accessories: dedicated storage bag. paper tag

Item management number: 10219603

Commodity condition: new old goods. unused goods
Item Condition Item Description
RANK A A brand-new,unused,andunwom item(including handmade items)
in the original packaging(such as the original box or bag)and/or with the original tags attached.
RANK B A brand-new,unused,and unwom item(including handmade items)without original tag and original packaging
RANK C Good condition There are no minor signs of wear and tear on it.Used once to 3times
RANK D Slightly Used There are some minor signs of wear and tear on it.Used 5times to 10times
RANK E Poor There are some minor signs of wear and tear on it.Used 10times to 20times
RANK F threadbare conditionn.