A BATHING APE DC comic the flash knit

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A brand "A BATHING APE" launched by Mr. NIGO in 1993. The brand's trademark is a graphic that incorporates the monkey's face in the camouflage pattern and a character named milo that made the monkey anime. It is a representative presence of a brand group called Backharajuku system.

Product name: DC comic The flash knit

Color: Red

Size: M

Size details Length of clothing: 63 cm. Width of a garment: 52.5 cm. Sleeve length from base: 76 cm

Material: wool 80% / Angola 15% / Ca Stains a 5%

Accessories: Storage bag. paper tag

Product control number: 10207384

Goods state: Second hand goods - Almost new items Paper tags and price tags. etc. are cut. but new items on the appearance. goods with no sense of use at the level of trying on.

State explanation: It is a beautiful state where wearing feeling can not be seen.
Item Condition Item Description
RANK A A brand-new,unused,andunwom item(including handmade items)
in the original packaging(such as the original box or bag)and/or with the original tags attached.
RANK B A brand-new,unused,and unwom item(including handmade items)without original tag and original packaging
RANK C Good condition There are no minor signs of wear and tear on it.Used once to 3times
RANK D Slightly Used There are some minor signs of wear and tear on it.Used 5times to 10times
RANK E Poor There are some minor signs of wear and tear on it.Used 10times to 20times
RANK F threadbare conditionn.