TENDERLOIN T-WOOL JAC DOT dot pattern wool jacket

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Brand "TENDERLOIN" was founded by five Japanese creators living abroad in 1997. It is based on three major cities of Ross. London. Tokyo.

Product name: T-WOOL JAC DOT dot pattern wool jacket

Color: Green

Size: L

Size details Length: 64.5 cm. Width: 62 cm. Sleeve length: 63 cm. Shoulder width: 50 cm

Material: wool 87% / nylon 10% / silk 3%

Product control number: 10141787

Goods state: [second - hand good - good] There is a feeling of use. but there is no damage such as conspicuous Stain or Peel.

State explanation: There is wearing feeling. there is Fluffing peculiar to the fabric on the whole body.