WTAPS 14 AW DESIGN L / S Long Sleeve T-shirt

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Brand: WTAPS

A brand that Mr. Toru Nishiyama started as "40% against rights" in 1993. Started as "W) taps" since 1996. based on military wear. we are sending innovative items.

Product name: 14 AW DESIGN L / S Long Sleeve T-shirt

This item is DESIGN L / S Long Sleeve T - shirt of Fall / Winter 2014 release.

Color: Black

Size: M

Size details Length: 63.5 cm. Width: 49.5 cm. Sleeve length: 60 cm. Shoulder width: 42.5 cm

Material: 100% cotton

Product control number: 10140096

Goods state: [second - hand good - good] There is a feeling of use. but there is no damage such as conspicuous Stain or Peel.

State explanation: There is wearing feeling. there is Fluffing and color fading in the whole body.