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Brand: VLONE

Product Name: STAPLE HOODIE Reversible Hoodie

VLONE full logo at the front. V logo on the back of Inside are printed.

Color: White Red

Size: M

Size details Length: 64 cm. Width: 54 cm. Sleeve length: 54.5 cm. Shoulder width: 54.5 cm

Material: Because there is no quality display tag. I do not know the exact material.

Accessory: paper tag

Product control number: 10136780

Goods state: [second - hand goods - almost new article] Even if paper tags and price tags are cut. products that are new to the appearance. goods that do not have a feeling of use at the level of trying on.

State explanation: Although it is in a beautiful state where wearing feeling can not be seen. there are multiple thin Stains on the front and back of the cuff.