Anti Social Social Club 17SS CHOKE YOURSELF full logo printed neck strap

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Brand: Anti Social Social Club

Brand from LA led by Neek Lurk who was a social media manager for STUSSY. Soled out status is always on line. In Japan. BEAMS did a pop-up shop but sold out on the same day. It is one of the most noteworthy street brands now.

Product Name: 17SS CHOKE YOURSELF Full LOGO Print Neck Strap

It is CHOKE YOURSELF full logo print neck strap of the spring and summer release of 2017. I STILL FEEL THE SAME and it is printed. Full logo of Anti Social Social Club is printed on the top of the neck strap.

color: pink

Size: Free

Size details Vertical: 56 cm. Length: 2 cm

Product control number: 10131778

Goods state: Shinko article / unused item