NIKE AIR JORDAN 7 RETRO C & C 725093 630 sneaker

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Brand: NIKE

NIKE. a global company dealing with sports related products such as sneakers and sportswear founded by Phil Knight in 1972. Various kinds of sneakers such as "AIR JORDAN" and "AIR FORCE 1" skate line "Nike SB" are proud of the explosive popularity. and are representative of the sneakers world that has continued to evolve since then.

Product name: AIR JORDAN 7 RETRO C & C 725093 630 sneaker

Color: Engine

Size: 27.0 cm

Product control number: 10124968

Goods state: [second - hand goods - almost new article] Even if paper tags and price tags are cut. products that are new to the appearance. goods that do not have a feeling of use at the level of trying on.

State explanation: Although wearing feeling can not be seen. there are multiple small scratches on the upper.