WTAPS Majestic 14 SS BENCH JK Bench Jacket

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Brand: WTAPS

A brand that Mr. Toru Nishiyama started as "40% against rights" in 1993. Started as "W) taps" since 1996. based on military wear. we are sending innovative items.

Product Name: Majestic 14SS BENCH JK Bench Jacket

It is BENCH JK released in spring and summer 2014. As MLB official uniform 's Plat ear. it is BENCH JK in collaboration with Majestic famous as the only brand allowed to distribute the logo at the left cuff of all 30 team uniforms.

Color: Navy

Size: S

Size details Length: 72 cm. Width of a garment: 56 cm. Sleeve length: 61 cm. Shoulder width: 46 cm

Material: 100% nylon

Product control number: 10120075

Goods state: [second - hand good - good] There is a feeling of use. but there is no damage such as conspicuous Stain or Peel.

State explanation: There is a feeling of wearing. there are thin Fluffing and color fading in the rib part of the neck. cuffs. hem.